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    What pieces GMs move most often at what stage of the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Bonham View Post
    Could it be that when a piece is making less moves they could the most vital moves for that piece. Though it could be stated that every move is vital at that stage of the game.

    A pawn promoting is vital and that is when lesser moves are made (compared to the beginning).

    And if a piece was moving opposite to the graph it could be detrimental. Example: if the king is too active during opening then may not have castled and in deep trouble
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    This looks like a statistical analysis applied by either non-chessplayers, or novice chessplayers on GM game data.

    I have two issues:

    1) Consolidated pawn moves together is not instructive. As Mr AC above suggests, which pawns are the GMs moving and when? (eg a & h pawns may be likely to be moved less frequently in the opening than the endgame).

    2) To add value, I would suggest that the data also needs to be divided further - ie study players from different ratings groups.
    The frequency of moves by 1000-1200 players against 1600-1800 players against GMs etc, might actually add value and turn this into an instructive analysis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElevatorEscapee View Post
    2) To add value.
    good luck.

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    "On my chess set, all the pawns are Hamburglers" ~ Homer Simpson.

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