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    How many leaders will Labor need?

    Now that Bill Shorten has been elected Leader of the Opposition it's time to start the poll on how many LOpps Labor will need to lop the Coalition!

    By way of background:

    * Coalition under Lyons/Menzies/Fadden had two (Scullin, Curtin)
    * Labor under Curtin/Chifley had two (Fadden, Menzies)
    * Coalition under Menzies/Holt/Gorton/McMahon had four (Chifley, Evatt, Calwell, Whitlam)
    * Labor under Whitlam had two (Snedden, Fraser)
    * Coalition under Fraser had three (Whitlam, Hayden, Hawke)
    * Labor under Hawke/Keating had four (Peacock twice, Howard twice, Downer, Hewson)
    * Coalition under Howard had four (Beazley twice, Crean, Latham, Rudd)

    I am not considering "interim leader" Chris Bowen to count as a leader for the purposes of this poll (unless he is later elected as one!)
    * Labor under Rudd/Gillard/Rudd had three (Nelson, Turnbull, Abbott)
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    This poll is still open for business (but I forgot to make it a public poll)

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    Probably need to bring Hawke back from the dead.
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    The "non-challenging leaders" laws that ALP have enacted has hindered bringing new blood when necessary. They would have prevented Hawke becoming leader as well as any drovers dog. Surely these laws makes it difficult to predict anything - they need to modify these laws.
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