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    RIP Dennis
    "On my chess set, all the pawns are Hamburglers" ~ Homer Simpson.

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    Saddened to hear of Denisí passing. I had the pleasure of meeting him just once (BNE 2016). We corresponded via email on a various matters ACF and occasionally via social media.

    He struck me as a thoroughly decent man, his lilting leftism notwithstanding. He demonstrated much better judgement and taste in Association Football as a fellow Gooner.

    My condolences to his loved ones and close colleagues. Vale Denis.
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    There is no cure for leftism. Its infestation of the host mostly diminishes with age except in the most rabid of specimens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by road runner View Post
    Rest in peace Denis. A great worker for chess, and a nice guy.
    Absolutely. A real gentleman and a pleasure to work with

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    This is Denisís daughter Clare.

    Thank you all for your kind words regarding my fatherís death. He hadnít been well for some time, and had been in touch with Gary Wastell regarding finding a replacement as public officer. In fact, Garyís words when I rang him were ďDenisís timing is impeccable, iíve just found a new public officerĒ. I was very touched that he was able to attend and speak at dadís funeral.

    Chess was a lifelong passion for him, though he didnít play much against human opponents in later years. He wrote a partial history of the Canberra Chess Club, which I will dig out if anyone is interested.

    Iíll check back in on this thread periodically.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Denis_Jessop View Post
    This is Denisís daughter Clare.

    Thank you all for your kind words regarding my fatherís death.
    Hi Clare, Have just taken the liberty to forward a message via this forum.

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