It has been a while since there has been a teams tournament in Victoria therefore we are trying to get that event going.

Please see details below.

2019 Teams Open at Noble Park Chess Club

A 6 Round Swiss Tournament ACF Rated !!!

Playing dates:

11/05/2019 Round 1
18/05/2019 Round 2
25/5/2019 Round 3

1/06/2019 Round 4
8/06/2019 Club closed
15/06/2019 Round 5
22/06/2019 Round 6

Venue: Paddy O’Donoghue Centre, 18-34 Buckley St, Noble Park 3174( plenty of parking
available and 2 minutes walk from the train station)

Format: 4 players in a team, boards 1 to 4 will be ranked in rating order based on March
2019 ACF rating list. Teams may have more than 4 players registered.

Points: 3 points per team win, 1 points for team draw and 0 points for team loss

Entry fees: $160 per team with $120 per team for Noble Park teams

Prizes( based on 7 teams entering)
Winning team: 1 st $400 2 nd $300
Rating group prize: $100

There will also be medals for the best percentage score on each of the 4 boards. To be
eligible, a player must be registered on the given board number, and play 5 or 6 games, the
majority of which must be on that board. Games played on a lower board won't count
towards the relevant score for calculating a board prize, but games played on higher boards

Starting time: 3 p.m. sharp on all playing days

Rate of play: 60 minutes + 30 sec per move

Entries: At the club not later than 2:45pm Saturday May 11 th

Enquiries: Dom Dragicevic on 0421896365 or

Chris Wallis on 0423464857 or