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    Australia's Best Game of the Year

    While you're all ravin' on about this Mt B business, there was a real gem of an item in today's ACF bulletin. [Alex] (1684) has suggested what we all can accept must be a fantastic idea: a competition for Aussie game of the year.

    To commence the process, [Alex] submitted his own game against a Mr Tankel. You really must read the bulletin. It is absolutely one of the best annotations you'll ever read.

    Here's the game below. Any nominations?

    W: Tankel, A
    B: [Alex]

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    Bahahaha... [Alex]! If you think those annotations are hilarious you should actually hear him talk himself up in person! It is a good idea for best game of the year though.
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    hmmm i dont know about best game of the year but.....Here is my favorite attack of the year.....

    I"m white... it was played at Gosford Open.....

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      and mate follows soon after....
    GO Western Sydney Wanderers!
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