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    GM Max Illingworth retires from competitive chess!

    GM Max Illingworth has announced his retirement from competitive chess right after
    the conclusion of the 2019 Oceania Zonal.
    He will play in the 2019 FIDE World Cup for which he has qualified.
    The complete text of his retirement's announcement here:
    ACF 3118316
    FIDE 3201457

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    That's a shame. Onto bigger and better things, I hope.
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    His comments about enjoying the successes of his students more than his own resonate well with me, plus he hasn't necessarily made the decision to be permanently retired...

    It obviously took a lot of effort for him to achieve the GM title, but he has his whole life ahead of him - and needs to work out what to do with his own life.

    There is more to life than just being a successful chess player!

    When I compare my own successes with that of my students, I can say that seeing my students perform well (as happened at the recent 2019 Australian Juniors - I will blog about this in the future) brings me even greater happiness than the best tournament results I had in my career.
    Finally, I should mention that my retirement from competitive play is not necessarily a permanent one. I may be persuaded to play a tournament if I am offered conditions that make participation profitable for me. I'll still be playing the occasional blitz/bullet game online, for those who still want to follow my play!
    I wish Max well with his future endeavours, and may even make use of his lessons some day if I feel inspired. :-)
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    Max acknowledging all those who helped him throughout his brilliant chess career.
    As he so eloquently put it himself:

    - My parents for unconditionally supporting my chess

    - Everyone who coached me over the years (particularly Bernard Laugery, John-Paul Wallace, Brett Tindall, Ian Rogers, Laszlo Hazai and Surya Ganguly)

    - Harbord Diggers Chess Club and Norths Chess Club for supporting me through important phases of my chess journey

    - All my students, current and former, for allowing me to make my living doing what I love

    - The chess community in general for providing a great environment for me to grow as a chess player and as a human being.

    Nicely put Max!
    ACF 3118316
    FIDE 3201457

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    A sad announcement for the Australian chess community but I too wish Max all the very best - including in the FIDE World Cup! We first met when he (about 9) turned up at the Manly Warringah Leagues Club Chess Club, which morphed after a venue change into the current Harbord Diggers CC.
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    Max, You are too young to retire.Hope you make a comeback soon..

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