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    I wss white vs. Jahani Mohammadreza (rating 1562). I think I played basically without error, which has cheered me up since last game.

    I hear it's good to march your king up in the endgame. Haha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becky View Post
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    I feel quite embarrassed by this game... I lost as black vs. Hashemi Farhad (rating 1621). I thought I'd try a new opening variation.
    was not a happy opening indeed.
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    I found myself demotivated after some poor results and not so motivated to keep this up to date. Here's the cross table with the final results:

    The Iranian players really are tough! Even my weakest opponents weren't making major tactical blunders. I hear they have been training for months for this tournament. So much for my plan of getting some rating points--I did the complete opposite! Hopefully it has been useful practice for the zonal.

    Iran is different since last time I was here. Trump's sanctions have resulted in high inflation, and people's life savings have dropped majorly in value (maybe 1/4 of it's value now). People here are desparate, and shopkeepers will ordinarily rip you off. In the past, they would be honorable and not do this (even if they could). I asked my Iranian friend, and she says they also do this to Iranians. It's not a great place to visit, right now. In the past, I would have described Iran as an underrated destination, but I think I won't come back until things are more stable.

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