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    Paul Spiller Honoured

    "My Dad taught me how to play chess"

    Well known in Australia to which he is a frequent visitor, Vice-President of the New Zealand Chess Federation, President of the Oceania Chess Confederation and recently re-elected President of the Oceania Zone 3.6 of FIDE, Paul Spiller has served on the panel of selectors for the Australian Chess Federation's Steiner Medal. He was chief organiser of the 2017 Asian Senior Championships in Auckland.

    "Paul Spiller becomes a Member of the NZ Order of Merit Paul has been at the heart of New Zealand chess administration since the 1970s. He has been instrumental in three Oceania Zonals and many congresses, including the memorable triplet of Queenstown congresses. Paul is chief organiser of the upcoming 126th NZ Congress, hosted by Howick Pakaranga, Paul's longstanding club. Starting with the Burroughs GM tournament in Wellington in 1978, Paul has helped bring international competition and a host of colourful international competitors to our shores. Paul has served as Editor of NZ Chess, and was NZCF president for eight years. He is currently FIDE Oceania Zone president. Listen to a a short Radio New Zealand interview here."
    -New Zealand Chess

    [Pic of Spiller with young player from Edwin Lam's outstanding article in ChessBase on 27 December 2018 on the abovementioned forthcoming Congress in Auckland 14-24 January 2019]
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    A well deserved honour for a wonderful and hard-working man! Well done, Paul!
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    Citation here:

    Congrats to Paul on this very well deserved honour.
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    NZ Congress Auckland 14-24 January

    Edwin Lam's outstanding article in ChessBase on 27 December 2018 on the abovementioned forthcoming Congress:

    See here.
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    Congratulations to Paul. It was very well deserved.

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    Yes congratulations Paul !

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