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    All Chess Players are invited to play in the 2018 CAQ QLD BLITZ CHESS C'SHIP at the Hinterland Hotel, 53 Station St, Nerang on Sunday December 2 from 2pm.

    TIME CONTROL: 3 minutes each plus 2 seconds per move

    ENTRY FEE: $20 Cash payable on the day.

    PRIZES: 1st $200 plus trophy 2nd $100 3rd $60 plus 2 Rating Groups with $50 for first in each plus Cadet (U12) Trophies! These prizes are dependent on entries but a min of 80% of entry fees will go to prizes!

    NUMBER of ROUNDS: 11

    ENTRIES:Text your name to Shaun Curtis on 0413 217 118 OR email your name to: if you intend to play so the tournament file can be set up to save time on the day!

    REGISTRATION: 2pm on Sunday December 2 - Tournament start time: 2:30pm

    The CAQ AGM takes place at 11:30am at the same venue and same day so come to that first if you wish!

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    Any chance of a veteran's (over 65) section?

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinc View Post
    Any chance of a veteran's (over 65) section?
    As per the entry form, there may be additional prizes added depending on entries, but there would need to be a minimum number of entrants in a specific category for it to be added.

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    No just one, I need some help.

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    Current list of players (I'm sure will increase)

    No  Name                Loc 
    1.  Stojic, Dusan       2320
    2.  Parle, Hughston     2179
    3.  Maguire, Tom        2150
    4.  Fitzpatrick, Andrew 1918
    5.  Kitikov, Oleg       1710
    6.  Johnson, Nicholas   1701
    7.  Ooi, Jayden         1602
    8.  Stokes, Mark C      1560
    9.  Wang, Eason         1441
    10. Johnson, Mitchell   1199
    11. Brady, Aiden        1118
    12. Dullaway, Michael   1058
    13. Cooper, Joshua      1020
    14. Van Der Byl, Orsen  911 
    15. Dullaway, Erin      831
    Please note junior ratings have been used where applicable and ACF for adults. This is for seeding purposes as the QJ rating systems seems to be more accurate for juniors in Queensland.

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    Final Results

    No Name                  Feder Loc  Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11  
    1  McClymont, Brodie     QLD   2447 11    16:W  6:W  5:W  4:W  2:W  3:W 14:W 10:W 21:W  8:W 15:W
    2  Maguire, Tom          QLD   2150 9     24:W 17:W 14:W 25:W  1:L 10:W  3:L  8:W  5:W  6:W  4:W
    3  Parle, Hughston       B     2179 8.5   12:W 21:W 10:D  5:W  4:W  1:L  2:W 25:W 15:W 14:W  6:L
    4  Zhong, Tony (Junhao)  B     1934 7     23:W  7:W 18:W  1:L  3:L 17:L 24:W 26:W 10:W 15:W  2:L
    5  Stahnke, Alexander    QLD   1828 7     33:W 22:W  1:L  3:L 28:W 18:L 27:W  7:W  2:L 16:W 10:W
    6  McCarthy, Oliver      QLD   1502 7     31:W  1:L 19:W 26:L 23:W 16:W 10:L 18:W 25:W  2:L  3:W
    7  Wang, Eason           GC    1441 7     40:W  4:L  9:W 13:W 14:L 25:L 20:W  5:L 24:W 23:W 17:W
    8  Yang, Oliver          GC    1428 7     30:W 25:L 32:W 15:W 21:W 14:L 26:W  2:L 11:W  1:L 22:W
    9  Van Der Byl, Orsen    QLD   911  7     15:L 39:W  7:L 12:L 34:W 19:W 16:W 17:L 33:W 25:W 14:W
    10 Kitikov, Oleg         QLD   1710 6.5   29:W 26:W  3:D 11:W 25:W  2:L  6:W  1:L  4:L 21:W  5:L
    11 Johnson, Nicholas     QLD   1701 6.5   32:W 18:L 16:W 10:L 12:W 22:D 21:L 13:W  8:L 30:W 25:W
    12 Brady, Aiden          B     1118 6.5    3:L 34:L 30:W  9:W 11:L 37:W 13:D 33:W 22:L 19:W 21:W
    13 Stokes, Mark C        QLD   1560 6.5   27:L 37:W 23:W  7:L 16:L 29:W 12:D 11:L 35:W 33:W 26:W
    14 Ly-Liu, Alexavier     B     1527 6     37:W 27:W  2:L 22:W  7:W  8:W  1:L 15:L 17:W  3:L  9:L
    15 Ooi, Jayden           B     1602 6      9:W 28:L 24:W  8:L 29:W 26:W 17:W 14:W  3:L  4:L  1:L
    16 Chen, Austin          B     1171 6      1:L 31:W 11:L 32:W 13:W  6:L  9:L 29:W 20:W  5:L 28:W
    17 Polanski, Marek             1458 6     38:W  2:L 33:W 18:W 26:L  4:W 15:L  9:W 14:L 22:W  7:L
    18 Chan, Jordan          GC    1206 6     35:W 11:W  4:L 17:L 20:W  5:W 25:L  6:L 19:L 36:W 29:W
    19 De Thomassis, Lincoln QLD   1011 6     25:L 30:W  6:L 20:L 36:W  9:L 38:W 27:W 18:W 12:L 31:W
    20 Giannini, Davide                 6     22:L 33:L 37:W 19:W 18:L 23:W  7:L 38:W 16:L 32:W 27:W
    21 Stewart, Craig A      QLD   1479 5.5   34:W  3:L 29:W 28:W  8:L 33:D 11:W 22:W  1:L 10:L 12:L
    22 Stahnke, Axel         QLD   1393 5.5   20:W  5:L 27:W 14:L 24:W 11:D 33:W 21:L 12:W 17:L  8:L
    23 Cooper, Joshua        GC    1020 5.5    4:L 40:W 13:L 31:W  6:L 20:L 37:W 28:W 26:W  7:L 24:D
    24 Dullaway, Michael     B     1058 5.5    2:L 38:W 15:L 27:W 22:L 31:W  4:L 30:W  7:L 39:W 23:D
    25 Silva, K W C U        OS    1854 5     19:W  8:W 28:W  2:L 10:L  7:W 18:W  3:L  6:L  9:L 11:L
    26 Cervenjak, Mark       QLD   1320 5     36:W 10:L 34:W  6:W 17:W 15:L  8:L  4:L 23:L 37:W 13:L
    27 Carter, Martin        QLD   833  5     13:W 14:L 22:L 24:L 35:W 28:W  5:L 19:L 36:W 40:W 20:L
    28 Johnson, Mitchell     QLD   1199 5     39:W 15:W 25:L 21:L  5:L 27:L 31:W 23:L 38:W 34:W 16:L
    29 Yang, Melody          GC    957  5     10:L 36:W 21:L 34:W 15:L 13:L 35:W 16:L 39:W 38:W 18:L
    30 Giannini, Stefano                5      8:L 19:L 12:L 38:L 40:W 39:W 32:W 24:L 34:W 11:L 35:W
    31 Rose, Joshua          GC    784  5      6:L 16:L 36:W 23:L 39:W 24:L 28:L 37:W 40:W 35:W 19:L
    32 Rose, Noah            GC    942  5     11:L 35:W  8:L 16:L 33:L 36:W 30:L 40:W 37:W 20:L 39:W
    33 Esmonde, David        QLD   1005 4.5    5:L 20:W 17:L 35:W 32:W 21:D 22:L 12:L  9:L 13:L 40:W
    34 Ly-Liu, Isaac         B     764  4     21:L 12:W 26:L 29:L  9:L 35:L 40:W 36:W 30:L 28:L 37:W
    35 Yuen, Corey Elliot               3     18:L 32:L 38:W 33:L 27:L 34:W 29:L 39:W 13:L 31:L 30:L
    36 Keys, Michael                    3     26:L 29:L 31:L 40:W 19:L 32:L 39:W 34:L 27:L 18:L 38:W
    37 Dullaway, Erin        B     831  2     14:L 13:L 20:L 39:W 38:W 12:L 23:L 31:L 32:L 26:L 34:L
    38 Stewart, Calem        B     538  2     17:L 24:L 35:L 30:W 37:L 40:W 19:L 20:L 28:L 29:L 36:L
    39 Yuen, Connor Louie               1     28:L  9:L 40:W 37:L 31:L 30:L 36:L 35:L 29:L 24:L 32:L
    40 Dullaway, Adam                   0      7:L 23:L 39:L 36:L 30:L 38:L 34:L 32:L 31:L 27:L 33:L
    1st - IM Brodie McClymont
    2nd - Tom Maguire
    3rd - Hughston Parle

    Rating Group A
    Oliver McCarthy
    Eason Wang
    Oliver Yang

    Rating Group B
    Orsen Van Der byl

    Rating Group C
    Davide Giannini

    Junior Prizes
    1st - Hughston Parle
    2nd - Tony Zhong
    3rd - Aiden Brady

    Cadet Prizes
    1st - Eason Wang
    2nd - Oliver Yang
    3rd - Alexavier Ly-Liu

    It was a great event consisting of 40 players I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and hope to see many playing in January's FIDE Open on the Gold Coast.

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    It was indeed a fun event to play in - thank-you Shaun and Andrew for running it! I was pleased to see Redcliffe Chess Club's Brodie McClymont and Tom Maguire quinella the event - Brodie scoring a Bobby Fischer like 11 out of 11 and Tom scoring a most respectable 9 out of 11! Brodie was lucky against Tom so they both say and his position against Hughston was very interesting indeed - I hope some games get posted here! Congrats to Hughston for finishing outright 3rd, Oliver McCarthy, Eason Wang and Oliver Yang for sharing equal 1st in Rating Group A, Orsen Van Der Byl for winning Rating Group B all by himself, Davide Gianni for winning Rating Group C outright and all the Juniors and Cadets who took home trophies. Now for The FIDE OPEN on January 25-28 at the Lone Star Tavern in Mermaid Waters - Full details of this big event are on the CAQ Website NOW under Coming Events:

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