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    Father of The Board

    Just as Parliament has Father of the House for the longest serving manner, was Ruddock until recently, we could have Father/Mother/Elder of the Board.

    I would nominate Ian Murray as Father of the Board.

    Dr Bonham as Speaker of the Board

    We need Leaders of the Right and Left Wings, Greens, Hansonites etc etc
    Zionism is racism as defined by the UN, Israel by every dirty means available steals land and water, kill Palestinian freedom fighters and civilians, and operates an apartheid system to drive more Palestinians off their land

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    If you define Father of the Board by membership of then the Father would be Brian_Jones followed by bobby1972, as these are the only members who joined in 2003 before the 1-1-2004 ACF BB influx who are still active.

    If you defined it through the 2003 ACF BB and its precursor text BBs I am not sure who it would be. Bill and I were present on the really old ones but I think a few others who are still here were too.

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    Present and corrrect, sir!

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