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    How to set up a chessboard

    I don't mean to be a nit picker, but that photo in the page header has a black square in the bottom right hand corner.

    The same mistake was made in Better Homes and Gardens last Friday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I don't mean to be a nit picker, but that photo in the page header has a black square in the bottom right hand corner.
    Do you really think we wouldn't have noticed?

    It's been that way since a site redesign a number of years back. The person doing the redesign picked a stock image, it wasn't noticed by the one person who saw it before it was uploaded, and unless there is another redesign we're stuck with it.
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    I am just as upset with the lousey cheap board in the display when considering all the beautiful crafted classic sets produced over the centuries.
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    LOL....Funny how time flys.....Sprout remembers this very convo in da shoutbox w KB's lolol to funny..... remember da update to cheschats n for days this topic was major like in da shoutbox.....By this time meh guessing that were totally stuck like chuck with da busted up board in our header m8's
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