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    Ending of K + R + B vs K + R

    This message is mainly in the vague hope of reaching double-Australian-Junior-Champion-of-a-billion-years-ago Bill Kerr. Billy was a big fan of this ending and while I personally found it very, very, slightly mind-numbingly boring, I noticed a new video on it by GM Danny King, where he mentions that it recently came up in a 2018 Olympiad game between Caruana (USA) and Duda (Poland), in which Caruana the Banana missed the win and I wonder if Billy (or any other endgame geniuses) would have missed it too. The video actually made the ending look kind of interesting - possibly because it was actually arising in a game!

    The video is at , for people who find such things fascinating (although I won't be surprised if Billy is the only person in the universe who does).

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    I have had this ending 4 times in tournaments. I have had it with te rook twice, drawing with Daryl Johansen and James Morris.

    I won with the rook and bishop against David Hacche after finding a 14 move winning sequence and drew with Grant Crocker after I blundered my bishop.
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    English GM Keith Arkell is famous for having had this endgame 18 times, winning all of them.

    I have only had it once in a simul against Darryl Johansen (I had the bishop but he held easily).

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    Interesting - maybe it turns up in games more often than I would have expected...

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