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    How long was your longest rated game?

    Seeing Adamski's comment about having had two games nearly 140 moves long I thought I'd put up a poll on people's longest rated games (can include rated rapid or blitz if there was a move counter or full game was reconstructed.)

    Feel free to post some if they're less awful than mine!
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    CC Grandmaster Garrett's Avatar
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    I've only been keeping games since I bought Chessbase in 2007 so it was interesting to have a look.

    The longest game was a 91 move draw against Solo who tried for 45 moves with a rook + knight versus rook in the Wilde Weekender in 2013.

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    CC Candidate Master thomasdav's Avatar
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    My DB of all my rated standard games has only 94 entries in it with an average opponent strength of ~1200, so the data will naturally skew lower. The longest game there is a 68-move/136-ply game where I was up a minor piece on move 17 but the (junior) opponent nonetheless played on, even offering a draw on move 41 despite being clearly lost. After that that are 3x 57-move draws, and the median game-length in the DB is 32 moves.
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    CC Grandmaster antichrist's Avatar
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    Breaking all the rules of thread - in 1973 I had an eight hour game over 8 lunch times, we managed to queen about 4 pawns each after having a monster battle between each queening and losing the queen. So there were probably no more than 2 queens on the board simultaneously. Not rated and no idea of how many moves. But my opponent refused another game as stated was too touch and he had lost. That game was near Sydenham Station in Sydney with an accountant if anyone else shares the memory.
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    Mine's about 93 moves but I'm sure there would be quite a few players around who have topped the 100 moves...

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    I had a game that went for 117 moves in the world junior. It was played over 3 days at a time limit of 40 moves in 2.5 hours and adjournments. It was published in an Informator but had the sides wrong and had me as losing, when I won.
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