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    Quote Originally Posted by ER View Post
    serving half of a 3 year (only 3 years!!!!) for sexual abuse..and serving half of it...what else can be said.
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    He's also spent 14 years in jail for other offences.
    The church has not removed his priest status.
    So what's your excuse? To run like the devil's chasing you.

    See you in another life, brotha.

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    The last few pages of posts did not engage with what is meant to be the theme of this thread and this thread shouldn't be used as a dumping ground every time someone wants to talk about anyone who has done anything illegal - especially not if they are especially prone to talk about it if the person's skin isn't white.

    I have moved the posts to a new thread:

    I may delete some of the posts that have been moved as there is some rubbish in there that we don't need.

    Meanwhile the following restriction is placed on poster antichrist: antichrist may not, on this thread or the split thread, accuse any person or group of people of being "criminals" (or crooks, or any equivalent term) without stating what existing laws he believes they have breached. This restriction is permanent.

    Any discussion of these actions may occur in the Help and Feedback section only.
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