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    The new VegaBlitz service help the organizator and/or the arbitral team to run a big tournament in a very efficient way reducing or eliminating the unwanted time delay between rounds.

    How it works

    The solution takes advantange of the available technology. The insertion procedure is moved from the the only arbiter behind the pairing program to several arbiters that register the results in real time via an online procedure. Each arbiter enter the results of his area in precise and accurate way when they are available.

    The tool used to insert the results can be any device able to run a web browser and connected to internet in wireless. This means all current smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops can be used and no additional cost should be sustaneid by the organizator. The inserted results are saved on the server running the vegablitz service, the so called cloud.

    At moment the whole service is offered for free up the the 1th January 2019. During this time we want to test the service and have feedback from you for suggestion and/or improvements.

    How to get an account and test it for free?

    You can register for free and try it. The registration can be done withing Vega version 8.1.

    This version is a clone of the official 8.0 version and dedicated to the development of the VegaBlitz service. It can be downloaded here for Windows operative system. Please keep in mind that this version could be upgraded frequently in the next months.

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    VegaBlitz is not currently a replacement for Vega, it is really a supplementary program.

    Note although the latest version of VegaBlitz is 8.1.2, it has not been updated since July 2018 and hence has none of the bug fixes or additional features added to the latest version of Vega 8.0.x.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamski View Post
    It is a little worrying that Vega needs to have new versions so frequently. Continuous improvement in action, I guess.
    I personally think it's fantastic that Signore Forlano responds to feedback and is constantly seeking to improve his Vega pairing program.

    He has been known to personally respond to queries sent to him by arbiters - well done Luigi!

    I can't recall the last time SwissPerfect was ever updated!
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    Vega 8.0.22 has been released.
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    Sacre bleu! this system has more updates than Window OS.
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