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Thread: US Champs 2018

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    US Champs 2018

    Caruana has lost a game with white against Zviad Izoria, of whom I don't think I've ever heard. The defeat was caused by trying too hard to win

    Shankland, So and Akobian are leading on 3/4. Caruana is on 2.5 and Nakamura on 2.

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    [Event "Live Chess"]
    [Site ""]
    [Date "2018.01.25"]
    [White "Izoria123"]
    [Black "AntonSmirnov"]
    [Result "0-1"]
    [ECO "A20"]
    [WhiteElo "2601"]
    [BlackElo "2508"]
    [TimeControl "900+2"]
    [EndTime "21:32:04 PST"]
    [Termination "AntonSmirnov won by resignation"]
    [CurrentPosition "rnbqkb1r/pppp1ppp/5n2/4p3/2P5/6P1/PP1PPPBP/RNBQK1NR b KQkq - 2 3"]
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    A nice attacking game from Anton against Zviad Izoria. They played in the pro chess league this year.

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    Caruana has recovered to share the lead with Shankland on 5.5/8, with So on 5. Nakamura, however, is having a shocker, and also lost to Izoria to be only on 3.5

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    Nakamura has not won a game yet..close to dropping out of world's top 10!
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