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From the footage I've seen, she didn't say a word, let alone make an abusive rant. Back to Patrick's question: which law or laws do you want to see toughened in this case?
From another thread:
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Example: Not long ago, there has been a protest against ''Globalization'' at Melbourne CBD. During working hours, while majority of us actually work..some were protesting...against ''GLOBALIZATION''. I could read their slogans an while I do not want to question the ''power of democracy'' ...I was curious....wouldn't be it a good idea to ask each and every one of the protesters to define ''Globalization'' - before being permitted to join the protest? majority of them does not tend to understand what the actual word/concept means so they are protesting against something that exists in their imagination only.
So Michael, can you define the current sentencing policies for unlicensed drivers and how you want to change them?