She walked free...

Take a good look at the picture below. That’s a piece of human flotsam giving the finger to the world. What makes it worse is that yesterday a County Court judge gave that same finger, figuratively, to the whole of Australia.
County Court Judge Barbara Cotterell overturned a jail sentence for Amanda Warren (and Caris Underwood) for drunkenly attacking paramedic Paul Judd as he tried to tend to a patient in Reservoir in 2016.
They broke the paramedic’s leg, Warren ripped off his gold necklace and then rammed the ambulance.
Magistrate Lance Martin gave her eight months and Underwood four months for their “unprovoked and very vicious” attack.
They walked free, on appeal, even though, under Section 16 of the Crimes Act, they should have each got three years behind bars (non-parole) when “the victim is an emergency worker on duty or a custodial officer on duty”. This is madness.

I didn’t write about it yesterday because I could not trust would I might say. The authorities got cute by not charging them under Section 16 (“causing serious injury intentionally”) but under Section 18 (“causing injury”). The word “serious” – which I’m sure paramedic Judd agrees with – miraculously disappeared. And they used Section 10AA of the Sentencing Act, which creates exceptions or “special reasons” allowing a judge to avoid handing down the minimum sentence.
This is a disgrace and the DPP must appeal it. Judge Cotterell is off with the do-gooder pixies with this one.
Look at Warren’s “up yours” defiant picture outside the court. And for an appellate court to accept that an attacker’s drunkenness is a mitigating circumstance is like a person up on a drink-driving offence winning an appeal on the grounds they were pissed. DH