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    Russian GM Evgeni Vasiukov celebrated his 85th birthday!

    On 5th of March chess community celebrated Grandmaster Evgeni Vasiukov 85th birthday.

    Grandmaster Vasily Papin published photo report with many interesting facts about Vasiukov.

    You can see some Australian connections too...
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    One of many very strong Soviet players just off candidates strength, and might have even qualified were it not for the rule against too many from one country. At the age of 41, he won Manila 1974, beating Portisch, Torre, Gheorghiu, and Larsen (against whom he had a 4–0 record), and was ahead of Petrosian and Gligorić as well. As a 69yo veteran, he smashed van Wely in a brilliant game with youthful vigour. Probably his most famous game was crushing Petrosian with Black, a game Fischer was impressed with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonid Sandler View Post
    On 5th of March chess community celebrated Grandmaster Evgeni Vasiukov 85th birthday.

    You can see some Australian connections too...
    What would the aged GM have made of the hat-and-dangling-corks gift from the youthful GM Papin acquired by him during his recent far-flung travels Down Under?

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