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    4NCL - UK & Ireland's top league chess

    Hi all,
    I manage the Celtic Tigers 4NCL team, and wanted to let fellow aussies know if you are FIDE 1600+ and in the UK over the 4NCL period (Nov-May), and want to play for a club in the UK & Irelands's elite chess league one weekend, please don't hesitate to pop me a message (or tweet or facebook). We are starting a new 2nd team next year, and will likely have a spare spots some weekends.

    What is 4NCL?
    It's the top league of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, played over 5 weekends. (2 games a weekend, 3 on the final weekend). You play one game each day, and usually stay the night in the venue. - Which add's to the social fun of the event.
    Usually it's one weekend in: Nov/Jan/Feb/Mar/May

    Why Celtic Tigers?
    We are a relaxed and very social club, enjoying our beers and have dinner with the team.
    Have a read of our newsletters to see what it is like to play for the tigers. (all on website)

    Chris Skulte

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    Looks like I might be moving to Edinburgh soon, so let me know if you need players and I'll see if I can make it (even if I'm still in Frankfurt it's not exactly hard to get to the UK).

    Also, if anyone happens to come to Frankfurt, I recommend the Bad Soden chess club ( Very friendly and we have 8 teams of 6-8 players with players of all ratings and often need reserves.

    Last year I played a few games for the 1st team, which was promoted from the 5th tier of German chess (average rating ~1900) to the 4th tier (average rating ~2000). This year I'm playing Board 1 for the 2nd team, which is in the 6th tier of German chess and my opponents are still rated between 1700 and 2300! Germany has a big club chess culture - the town I live in just outside Frankfurt (10000 people) has a club with 60-70 players and there's four other (smaller) clubs within in a 5km radius!

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    Cheers mate, will definitely get in touch when next season comes around! (or if we fall short this year). I have your details!
    I have a few friends that play in Germany, crazy strong league chess over there.

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