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    Quote Originally Posted by road runner View Post
    Um yeah Bxf6 and Bd5 followed by basking in the glory of my knight was my first thought, I'm not very good though.
    Not very good, but still picking the Fischer plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Bonham View Post
    One question here is how does one establish that the positional move chosen by Fischer was actually the best move in the position? Here is the original game:

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    From move 17 onwards, almost every black move is dubious or bad so the game proves nothing about the strength of the plan. Is it so easy for white to win after 17...Qxc6 which makes it harder for white to quickly occupy d5?

    Also, the superiority of engines isn't that they are always positionally brilliant. It's that they don't make short-range tactical errors.
    I have my methods:
    - trusting my intuition
    - checking after that with SF

    If the 2 are in agreement, usually the specific conlcusion will be valid in 90% of cases.

    I am checking different lines with SF, until I get certain about my conclusions.
    Sometimes, this is difficult. So far, on Talkchess forum with big hardware, 32/64 cores, SF finds the Bf6 and then Bd5 plan ONLY at depth 46 after
    close to a full hour analysis.
    100cps vs 80cps for Nd5. Not very convincing, but big hardware and SF also prove Fischer was correct.

    One more:
    FEN Viewer

    Find the ONLY winning move.
    18. Nc3 draws
    18. bc3! wins, and then binding the d5 square with c3-c4

    How easy you/your engines are able to find this?
    Btw., this only confirms my theory of central binds from 'The Secret of Chess'.

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    Here one review for 'Human versus Machine', if anyone is interested:

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