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    Chess numberplates

    On the off chance that someone here is interested in buying a set of chess numberplates (Chess1) or a mildly chess-themed Suzuki Swift (great little car), just letting you know that Guy West has created an ad:

    He's had the number plates since he was a young man (although not used them all that time - we put them on the Swift because we thought it was a good match!). Perhaps someone else might enjoy having them now - if anyone is interested in either the Chess1 number plate (or the car plus numberplates) you can get in touch through the ad - details about the numberplates are at the bottom of the ad.
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    Would be interesting to know how many other Australian chess people have chess-themed numberplates. ACF President Gary Wastell has ECHECS.

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    I seem to recall that Geoff Keenan from Box Hill Chess Club used to have CHESS on his Jaguar, but don't sue me if I'm wrong... was a long time ago.
    Note that if your favourite move is Re4 rather than Re1 you should buy a different model Suzuki Swift to mine. I've always liked the move Re1, especially when played at the same time as castling in blitz.

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