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    George Pell charged with historic sex abuse

    As noted in the moderation threads I've moved a number of the George Pell posts offline because of possible sub judice issues.

    Several of the general posts were moved back. I've decided for now to leave the remaining posts offline, although most of them were probably OK, but to indicate that some degree of discussion on the issue is allowed by starting a new thread.

    Cardinal Pell has been charged with historic sex abuse offences and has indicated he will appear in Victoria on the 18th of July and has stated the charges are false and he will defend them vigorously. For some details see here:

    While the case is being tried we do not want comment on here to potentially influence jurors or cause otherwise good jurors to be disqualified, however small the risk of these things happening. Therefore please do not post any of the following:

    * arguments that prejudge that Pell is guilty or innocent based on a selection of the facts, political assumptions or results of other cases
    * strong praise or criticism of Pell, his accusers, the police handling of the matter or the courts, whether related to the case or not.

    The following however are permitted:

    * factual details of progress of the case
    * debate about whether or not Pell will get a fair trial provided that that debate does not discuss his guilt or innocence except very hypothetically
    * discussion of Vatican responses to the case (ditto to above)
    * discussion of the impact on Pell's standing and positions in the Vatican


    If in any doubt at all I will tend to delete questionable posts entirely without warning and not put them back.

    If quoting from or linking to outside material please read it very carefully to ensure it complies with the above.

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    And committed to stand trial for 2 of the historical sexual crimes, from the 1970's to the 1990's. Allegedly, I guess.

    Apparently the treasurer for the vatican is not wanting for coin for legal representations. Go figure.
    meep meep

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