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    Nobody forces the companies to pay that much to CEO's. They are welcome to find someone cheaper. So underpaying is a problem....but why is it a problem when people get paid well? What if this is what they are worth? Once again, we are counting money in other people's pockets - the money that they earn!
    CEOs don't 'earn' millions of dollars a year - they are grossly overpaid by an inflated market.

    By comparison, the US Chief of the General Staff heads a workforce of 2.26 million servicemen and women, with an annual budget of $US 750 billion. His salary plus allowances = $250,000.

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    They've all got their snouts in the trough

    Football Queensland's members' fees only went up a few dollars, but they weren't told where the money was going

    The first thing Murray Bird saw in the budget meeting was the new boss's salary, and he was "horrified".

    Former politician Robert Cavallucci was hired on nearly double the pay of the last chief executive at Football Queensland (FQ) almost $320,000 a year.

    "No-one else that I know of involved in Queensland community sport is receiving that sort of money," Mr Bird says.

    The CEO was recruited via a two-month consultancy that earned the president of the board Ben Richardson $44,000. ...

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