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    Asian Seniors 2017 in Auckland

    The New Zealand Chess Federation will host the 8th Asian Seniors Championship 2017 in Auckland.

    Dates are 9-15 October 2017 - see

    Entries so far are at

    Payment in A$ at
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    are yous holding each ethnicity separately. ... and then a combined one of the winners from each at the end
    .. this Caketin is full of little spiders and watermelon seeds.....

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    Would be lovely to see Jammo play in it
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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelBaron View Post
    Would be lovely to see Jammo play in it
    He should do well, since he has the record of the best Aussie performance at an Olympiad.
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    Looking forward to this tournament starting in a couple of weeks.

    Organisers to be congratulated for attracting entries from a wide range of Federations. As usual, the host country dominates ... but not as much as in recent tournaments. In the Veterans and Seniors combined, New Zealand accounts for 22 of the 54. Australia is next (somewhat disappointingly low) at 5, together with Philippines. There are 4 from each of Iran and Nepal; 2 from each of Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore. And 1 from each of Brunei Darussalam, Guam, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea (but he possibly counts as Australian!), Thailand and Uzbekistan.

    There are 4 GMs and 4 IMs.

    Also a bit disappointing (but as per usual) is the low number of female entrants - I see only 1 so far.

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