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    Worst Playing Conditions?

    I'm surprised that there isn't already a thread for this, but I can't find one.

    My contribution - although I wasn't actually playing - is the Brisbane Chess Club on March 30. The outside conditions were bad enough, with heavy (although sporadic) rain from the remains of Cyclone Debbie. Unfortunately the rain had also seeped through the walls into the Bridge Club, transforming the normally excellent playing venue into a scene from the latest episode of Doctor Who (complete with water creeping along the floor).

    Sixteen players still turned up to play, however!

    Thanks to Mark Pendrith for the photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Challenge
    Thanks to Mark Pendrith for the photos.

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    Attachment 3459
    Quote Originally Posted by The Response
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    Looks like the camera did not survive Debbie's deluge!
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    I was about to post about Arnold Classic Allegro that has taken place few weeks back and the noise level was rather ridiculous ...after seeing the photos I realized that compared to this...the allegro noise level was just a minor inconvenience!
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    The final days of the original Hobart club (early 90s) were so loud that one observer said you could not hear a cannon fired. This was partly because of a number of small juniors who were really hangers-on of their chessplaying older brothers and sisters, and tended to run around noisily. However the older teenagers to twenty-somethings were actually more of a problem, some of them being exceedingly raucous. In one game distracted by the noise in what was supposed to be a rated game, I blundered my queen on move 14 resulting in my opponent crying out "the queen! the queen!", taking it and tossing it in the air. Fortunately the tournament was never near finished and hence never rated.

    Lighting at Mt Buller for the Open in 2004-5 was often an issue (as well as dripping and some other problems). In one round I felt pinned like an insect under hot spotlights and had to ask the arbiter to move my board because it was intolerable. In another I felt like I was playing in the back of a very dark cave (similar conditions occurred during this year's Tas Champs.)

    In one interclub game in the late 1980s I played in a tea room at a zinc smelter where a number of interesting chemistry experiments were going on on the benches. (That wasn't bad though, just interesting, especially since our team won the match convincingly.)

    But overall the worst playing conditions I have ever played in - several times - is every time some mug turns the heaters on too high. I am cold-adapted and excessive heat is a serious problem for me that can cause me to play very badly.
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