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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Bonham View Post
    Presumably dismissed as Jack is shown as winning the game, but an interesting incident all the same.

    Not a good tournament for team AUS at all - everyone who actually played in the Open is shown as losing ratings points except for former Tasmanian Champion Neil Markovitz (who I believe is now living in NZ). Only two gained ratings points in the Challengers.

    Watto's good performance (drawing with two 1800s and hence gaining ratings points) is another example of chess-results performance ratings being rubbish - the two unrateds she lost to in the final two rounds were performing at 1700-1900 range.
    Thanks Kevin. It most likely wouldn’t have changed the result, as my opponents were clearly quite dangerous unrated players, but I did play rather quickly and weakly in the final two rounds, lost some of my patience and determination. I was intrigued to play the 15 year old Anna Cramling in round 2. I first met her as a 4-5 year old in Mallorca when she was accompanying her mother, GM Pia Cramling and father GM Manuel Bellon. Seems like a lovely girl.

    The BCC Open is definitely not the place to gain lots of rating points if your rating is more or less accurate/stable. The field is teeming with heavily underrated players. This especially applies to the many young Indian and Chinese players, some of whom scored massive rating gains (100+); they are very keen and dedicated to their preparation from what I saw (one of Guy's opponents had prepared for an obscure line he played decades ago)... not carousing and drinking into the night like some older blokes I know. There were also a whole bunch of dangerous unrated players in both sections, most of whom have no games online.

    As far as Guy’s tragicomedy of a tournament goes: we were always going to miss the first two rounds of the Open because of a wedding we had to attend in Australia. So he had decided he wouldn’t play and was prepared for a total break from work, just rest and recreation, no chess. Then we arrived in Thailand and he was moved by the 'general vibe' to be a late entry. He thought he’d join in round 3 but was given another zero point bye (must have been too late) and then received an unanticipated full point bye in round 4… for pairing purposes the computer treated him as below the unrated players, seed 194. So he finally joined the field in round 5, by this time with the beginnings of a bad head cold. The cold only got worse and he withdrew before round 9. Moral of the story: stick to the original plan! I now have the same chest/head cold but fortunately didn't suffer too much from it in Thailand. It's an absolute bugger. Even my gums ache!
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