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    Quote Originally Posted by Otto View Post
    I have some questions about illegal moves in the new rules

    7.4.1 If a player displaces one or more pieces, he shall re-establish the correct position in his own time
    if a player overturns/displaces one or more pieces and press the clock, is it an illegal move ?
    It seems so....
    I think it depends on whether the player actually makes a legal move at the same time. If the player attempts to make a legal move, but knocks over the piece, and then presses the clock without making the move properly, then that is considered as an illegal move. But if the player makes a legal move, but accidentally knocks over or displaces some other pieces at the same time, then I don't think that is the same.

    7.7.1 If a player uses two hands to make a single move (in case of castling, capturing or promotion), it shall be considered as an illegal move.
    If he move a piece with his right hand, and press the clock with his left hand, is this an illegal move?
    I guess not, since "6.2.3 A player must press his clock with the same hand with which he made his move." is a rule concerning the chess clock, not the move.
    I agree.

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    Chess Arbiters Association (UK) has come out with their interpretations of how the illegal actions/moves will work in practice: http://www.chessarbitersassociation....nt_Changes.pdf

    7.7.1 & 7.7.2 Where a player uses two hands to make a single move this will be treated in the same manner as an illegal move. Two such offences by the same player will cost the game.

    7.8.1 & 7.8.2 Restarting the opponent’s clock without making a move will also be treated in the same way as an illegal move.
    These situations cannot be combined. For example a player who has completed an illegal move and also used two hands to castle will not lose due to a cumulation of these to irregularities. Only repeat offences of the same type will merit a loss.
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