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    Cool Is Chess a Sport

    Amateur Chess is clearly a Sport in the same way Science can be a Hobby
    .. this Caketin is full of little spiders and watermelon seeds.....

    ..Chess is all about fear and psychology

    ..Chess is like an exam..... you havent studied for

    ..If you're good at Chess it means you are very intelligent and could potentialy do great things
    ..... but that you might have wasted that playing way too much chess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaitlin View Post
    Amateur Chess is clearly a Sport in the same way Science can be a Hobby
    You know, I usually say, that the moment they poke needle into you or desire you pee during activity, it's a bloody sport
    Currently playing on and trying out 1.d4 thanks to my fave youtuber via Chessable

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    For myself I figured out that ithough it's not actually physical like most sports, it's still a copmetition of skill. It's not just some art that people can gaze at. It's a lot of work done to excel at something and prove that you are the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by chessjess View Post
    it's still a copmetition of skill
    and endurance of course!
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