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    "Friend" status on Chesschat - what does it do?

    Something even an admin hasn't bothered finding out!

    One can send friend requests within the forum which the recipient can then accept or reject.

    I just received one from a poster I don't know personally at all.

    Does friend status serve any actual useful purpose or is it just a token add-on for people who cannot survive more than five seconds if they feel that they are not connected to Facebook?

    (Although I post quite regularly on certain Facebook sites now I still refuse to have anything to do with the public listing of "friends").

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    AFAIK the only functionality is around profile privacy. In the profile you can set the following items

    • Contact Info
    • Profile Picture
    • About Me
    • Friends
    • Recent Visitors

    As visible to
    • Everyone
    • Registered Members
    • Your Contacts
    • Your Friends

    A contact is closely related to a friend in that all there is in the system is a contact list. If two members are on each other's contact list then they are friends.

    I have just one friend (Adamski) which was set up so long ago now I forget when. However I have all these profile settings set to Everyone and so I don't believe there is any advantage from Adamski's perspective derived in terms of access to information from my profile.
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    I don't think I have ever used any of the "extra" info available in any way other than when I was seeking what NSW university he lectured at in his past life living in NSW. It is also a while since I invited anyone to be a friend on CC.
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    If someone is logged on to the forum, you can click on their name and it lists their recent posts, and you have the option to "add as a friend" - this puts a plus sign against their names, but apart from what has been already mentioned above, doesn't see, to do much else.

    You can even add yourself as a friend!

    Edit - just playing around a bit in the profiles, and apparently you can view other people's friends too - Adamski is quite popular with 13 friends!
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    My friend list is empty

    Quote Originally Posted by ElevatorEscapee View Post
    You can even add yourself as a friend!
    There is hope yet!
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    Thanks all for the comments.

    Just in case anyone happens to be wondering at any time re this extremely unimportant matter:

    * I won't send friend requests to anyone.
    * I will only accept friend requests from people I either know in person or at least have had a fair amount of interaction with (and get on well with) online.

    This is similar to what I do with connection requests on linkedin, having accepted a sometime employer's invitation to sign up for said spamitorium. I don't distinguish there between people I know through paid and unpaid work, but if someone I don't know at all asks to connect I ignore them.

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    When two posters are friends, clicking on the profile of one brings up posts by the other in the "All" feed of posts. However there is also a tab to see just the posts of the poster.

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