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Thread: Waikato Open

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    Waikato Open

    1st CM Alphaeus Ang
    2nd= FM Ben Hague & WFM Layla Timergazi
    Best Waikato Player (Len Whitehouse Memorial Trophy): Prashant Mistry
    under 2000 1st Martin Post 2nd Dan Dolejs
    under 1900 1st= Arnaud Carbonnier & Prashant Mistry
    B-Grade (under 1800):
    1st= Sravan Renjith & Luis Duran Rubalcava
    3rd Pedro Torres Camorlinga
    Best Waikato Junior (William Lynn Cup): Sean Clark & Adam Hasan-Stein
    under 1550 1st Vyanla Punsalan 2nd= Nadia Braganza & Aaron Wang
    under 1400 1st Nigel Marko 2nd Ying Wang

    Full results (and games for the Open section) on Vega:
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    A very good victory by Ang to come ahead of one of NZ's best, Hague.
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