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Thread: Asylum seekers

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    You really need to cite some references to back up your claims, otherwise they're only anecdotal and carry no weight.

    Quote Originally Posted by antichrist View Post
    Mike, there was an immigration scam amongst the Chinese about 20 years ago and the going price for a fiance visa was $50,000
    I'm sure there has been some illegal visa manipulation by Chinese and other nationals. SBS uncovered one operator (a Cambodian offering a Vietnamese girl easy access). But I don't think e're under threat of being swamped by them.

    ... So overall the Middle Kingdom caused an upheaval of immigration law that haunts invalid Aussie tradesmen trying to make a new life/wife. Yet the Liberal Govt wants tradesmen to continue working until aged 70 when the bodies are already completely worn out in many cases. Yet bumsitter Joe Hockey could not survive to 50 years without stomach surgery but he picked on hard working tradesmen with worn out bodies.
    You need to connect the dots. How did Chinese immigration wear out Australian tradies?

    Those big successful Chinese business are taking over our resource rich rural land, employing indentured labour from China at low rates and putting Aussies out of jobs.
    There are no indentured Chinese labourers working in Australia

    They are exporting shiploads of hay to China whilst Aussie graziers cattle are starving to death - so I have been told. .
    The export hay has been sold to overseas buyers, largely Chinese and Japanese, and is under contract for shipment. It may sound like an easy fix, but by seizing the export stocks the federal government would destroy the multi-million dollar export hay market in one stroke - buyers would write off Australia as an unreliable source and shop elsewhere. The hay growers are Australian farmers, not Chinese - it makes no sense to destroy one industry to prop up another (the export stocks would be enough to supply each farmer in drought 1-2 bales of hay).

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    Posts moved

    Posts solely about farmers and drought (tangent started by antichrist in #447) moved to new thread.

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