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    I wonder how long before it will be necessary for top players to take a handicap against the computer. In chess, top players like Nakamura can't beat the best computers even with pawn and move. Top go players Cho Chikun and Hideo Otaki believed that they would need 3 stones to play God (i.e. a perfect Go player), and probably 4 if life was at stake, and even then that might not be enough.
    An improved version of AlphaGo, playing as Master(P), recently beat 60 top pros in a row in rapid go. The top humans may well need a handicap to have a chance now.
    1. In the USA, state after state votes to keep marriage as it's always been.
    The Left: judges should overrule the people.

    2. In Australia, the people vote to allow gay marriage.
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    AlphaGo is old news now

    Make way for AlphaGo Zero, which in three days taught itself to play Go so well that it beat the version that beat Sedol 100-0.

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