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    The golden rule - always see post 1. They didn't know and asked us!
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    I did read from post 1.... rofl .... got you

    ... and it's not even April yet..
    .. this Caketin is full of little spiders and watermelon seeds.....

    ..Chess is all about fear and psychology

    ..Chess is like an exam..... you havent studied for

    ..If you're good at Chess it means you are very intelligent and could potentialy do great things
    ..... but that you might have wasted that playing way too much chess

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    Getting back to the basic question (and the 1938 Olympiad), FIDE was formed in 1924 and Australia was a member in 1946. Cecil Purdy reports that FIDE was to hold its first post-was meeting in Zürich in July or August 1946 and that Australia was one of the 44 affiliates. The USSR was not. (Chess World 1946, p.99.) Thus Australia was affiliated at some time between 1924 and 1939.

    Among his articles in Chess World, Purdy seems to have devoted little time to FIDE. In a long article "Chess Cavalcade 1929-54" (CW 1954, p.146), he mentions many local and overseas happenings and events including a short account of the 1938 Olympiad matter. According to him, Argentina, the hosts, agreed to pay fares and over 250 pounds had been guaranteed by Australians. That would suggest that there was no question of repaying any money. Apparently the boat that was to carry the team was only postponed for a month but that was not known at the time. Thus the team could have gone but it didn't.

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    ^^ So, with all this murky history, is it possible to prove that Australia ever joined FIDE?
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    The Australasian Chess Review p.297 Nov.18 1937
    "The Council of the Australian Chess Federation, at its last meeting,.....decided to affiliate with the F.I.D.E. as soon as possible.A report on these matters should be available shortly."

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    Clearly we had joined by May 1939 as there apparently was some kerfuffle at the NSW State championships around the use of FIDE rules.
    See and for the somewhat sensationalist reporting.

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