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    Paid project for a PC chess GUI

    Someone has developed a new fully-annotated mega database and needs help for a chess database GUI for the games. The database developer doesn't want to just sell the games, he wants to bundle the games with a chess GUI.

    This is a one-off project for developing a GUI for chess database on the Windows PC. The GUI will need to display chess games. There should be some controls to navigate forward and backward in the game. We will also need a mechanism to encrypt the underlying data.

    It is NOT essential to write a GUI from scratch. You can use an exiting open-source chess database GUI and enhance it for our needs.

    - Develop a chess database GUI (by scratch or existing open-source project, up to you)
    - The GUI will need to display variations and annotations
    - Encrypt the underlying data such that nobody else can access it without a decryption key

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    Is this to run in a browser or on a Windows platform?

    Any particular language?
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    I'd be interested (software engineer and consultant) if you want to PM me and have a more detailed conversation. Andrew Fitzpatrick referred me here since I don't normally frequent.

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    Sorry for the late reply... I thought I'd get an email notification, but apparently this isn't automatic... I've emailed you, Bill. Steve, I've also emailed you.

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