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    Your Favourite Chess Possessions!

    Chess sets, books, clocks, memorabilia, you name it!
    My more recent possession is a lovely handmade travel chess set bought from La Alhambra, Granada - Spain

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    My favourite board is a mother of pearl inlaid board from Hong Kong 1980

    The marble board from China I want inlaid into my grave at approp time, I am in the atheist/independent section of Mullumbimby cemetery up on the hill. You are all welcome to come and dance those pieces on my grave.

    My favourite pieces are carved narra timber ones from Philippines, the royal family approx 9 inches high, the board about a yard wide and costing $20 in 1972.
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    It's probably slightly off topic and I sadly lost the board in flood in '99, but I have been obsessed with Byzantine chess for a very long time and a man living in our area made me one of wood, very similar to this one, but the circle was cut out
    I used to cherish that board a lot and it still pains me that it's gone. But then again, I almost drowned, so there is the happy ending
    Currently playing on and trying out 1.d4 thanks to my fave youtuber via Chessable

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    I have a 1937 reprint of Eugene Znosko-Borovsky's book "How to Play The Chess Openings", which is in excellent condition.
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