This event will be held on Sunday the 14th of June 2015, and is a 7-round quick-play event for those looking for a mix of new players and experienced juniors and seniors.
It is a 7 round Allegro chess event. The event is suitable for juniors and also includes seniors at various rating levels.
This is the sixth Rookies for 2015.

There will be an adult cash-prize list and approximately equal sized junior groups, for trophies (and cash for the Rookies and Queens winners).
This is an all-in SWISS -paired event.

When: Sunday 14th of June from 12:30pm to 4.45pm.
Venue: 21A Electra Avenue, Ashwood. Venue is air conditioned
Entries At the venue on the day before 12:15pm. Entry before 12.30 helps the Organizers.

Entry fee:
$15 Canterbury Junior Chess and Box Hill members and referrals from recognized coaching programs.
$20 non-members

Payment to Cash, or Cheque to Canterbury Junior Chess Club Inc

Format 7 round Swiss tournament. 15 minutes/player/game

Rating Games rated on the ACF rapid play rating list.

Rating groups Rating based trophy groups will continue to be used in 2015. Provisional ratings for new players will also be used.

Queens and Rookies Cups Awarded to the highest placed juniors. Titles will be shared by players finishing with the same score.

Prizes Presented at around 4.45pm.
For Juniors: 1st $60 plus Rookies Cup trophy.
Highest place girl $25 plus Queen's Cup trophy.

1 Rookies Cup trophy and prize of $60, goes to the highest finishing junior player in the whole tournament
2 Queens Cup trophy and prize of $25 goes to the highest girl who is not the Rookies Cup trophy winner

Trophies for first in a minimum 4 ratings groups.
The Rookies and Queens cup trophies will be held by their respective winners until the next tournament
For Adults: $5 of every adult entry received will go to the Senior Prize fund with a minimum of $75.

Refreshments Available at reasonable prices.
Enquiries: Club Mobile: 0409 259 490 or

Perpetual Junior Trophies: Highest placed junior to hold the Rookies Cup until the awarding to the annual winner. Highest placed girl to hold Queens Cup until then.