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    In goth circles there is this degenerate crud called EBM (stands for Electronic Body Music) that has invaded clubs and driven most of the real music out. Last night at our local club The Coven I was surprised to hear chess lyrics in one of these songs: "The game of chess begins/The pieces moved in place". The culprit appears to be VNV Nation: Retaliate. (2013) Oddly, VNV stands for "Victory Not Vengeance", which the song's revenge-based lyrics seem to completely contradict.
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    "The Future Of History" by Tropical F**k Storm (which is Gareth Liddiard of the Drones and co, some kind of supergroup thing I haven't heard of before) [language warning]

    The song is about Kasparov losing to Deep Blue. Kasparov is aware of the song. Plenty of media coverage of this lately.

    Song can be played through here: [language warning]
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    There is also a chess CD "Deeper Blues" by King Bishop and the Squares.
    See which is full of chess songs.
    In the late 90's early 2000's I worked in the US for a few years and this CD was made by one of the members of my chess club over there.

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    It seems that Carlsen has appeared (as in he is actually a performer) in a Norwegian rap song.
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    Replying to @chess24com @MagnusCarlsen @TarjeiJS
    The song is about a stolen moisturizer. At 6:10, Pimp Lotion introduces Magnus:

    I don't think this works, we need to change strategy.
    This is just nonsense and conspiracy theory.
    We need a genius, a real MC.
    A mastermind who doesn't offer draw.

    Pimp L, pour something expensive in my glass
    When Carlsen enters the building, the pieces fall into place.
    I'm chess' arrogant bad boy.
    The board game's most relevant bad boy.
    And none of the suspects are bluffing
    The one who stole the moisturizer was a real duffer

    (Pimp L): Was it Kasparov? Or Fabiano?
    (Magnus): A-ah, wrong again, Lotiano.
    (Pimp L): Okay, was it Agdestein, mane?
    (Magnus): Nope, njet, nei, the culprit is the son of a former coach.
    (Pimp L): Oh holy shit, I know who you mean.
    (Magnus): Check mate, Ola-Jo Semb.

    song on Spotify here:
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    Haha, nice lyrics. I have some rap lyrics of my own on chess, which however remain unpublished.
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