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    Endgame corner: Win for white or draw?

    Critical line my opponent missed in a rapid this week would have led to this position.

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    Black to move - with best play, win or draw?

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    I am not even sure black can survive. after swapping e and f pawns black can win only if they can locate the bishop in such a way that it controls g and h pawns and d4 square at the same time, which does not seem to be possible. Stopping g and h pawn, while king has to guard d pawn, is a difficult task by itself.
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    Yes I should have phrased it better: I would have been white; with best play is it a win or draw for white? Black isn't going to win unless white blunders.

    Thread title changed.

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    1...Kf7 2. Kf5 e3 3. fe Bxe3 4. h4 seems very strong for W.

    B needs to: a) hold back the passers on the Kside, b) hold back the passer in the centre, and c) prevent the WK from winning the a-pawn and creating a passer on the Qside.

    I can't see how he can do all of these things, something will give.

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    looks losing for black. even if he blocks g and h pawns with king, he will have to give away bishop to stop the d pawn.
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