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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelBaron View Post
    (...) Btw, does her name ring a bell?
    I, recently, read an FM Bill Jordan's article (*) in regards to certain very strong players' participation in Correspondence Chess under assumed names some decades ago.
    I am not going to elaborate any further, apart from saying that I wouldn't really pay too much attention as to who was who in that noble form of chessic activity in the 70s or early 80s!
    I am sure Bill is always willing to share a yarn from the old days, when brilliancy and talent combined with that inherent larrikin spirit helped to constitute what Aussie chess reality is about today!
    I am also sure that Bill, being an indispensable part of this tradition should one day publish his plethora of anecdotal reminiscences in a printed or e-book form.
    Combined with his excellent pieces of practical as well as entertaining and extremely useful advice to Chess players of all levels such publication would certainly sell well!
    (*) I have a collection of those articles somewhere but again it's up to Bill to reveal publication, article title etc!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Bonham View Post
    Yes. I don't believe I've ever met Carmelita (and don't know anything about her playing OTB) but I have seen her name, and James (S. J. Henri) was Tasmanian OTB state champion four times in the late 1970s.
    O I played both Henri and Carmelita in last years championship. O am playing carmelia again this year. I cannot comment on the game which is still in progress. Visitirs may be able to view is at the ICCF web site.
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    Are the tournament ICCF rated? Are the games centaur chess?

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