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    2 Bishops vs. 2 Rooks in the middlegame

    Just played an interesting game on ICC, involving a double exchange sac (I was White), so I was left with two bishops vs. opponent's 2 rooks. Not 100% sure of the soundness, but it certainly led to a difficult defensive position for Black.

    1.c4 Nf6

    2.Nc3 d5

    3.d4 g6

    4.Bg5 Ne4

    5.Bh4 Nxc3

    6.bxc3 Bg7

    7.e3 c5

    8.Nf3 O-O

    9.cxd5 Qxd5

    10.Be2 Nc6

    11.O-O Bg4

    12.c4 Qh5

    13.d5 Ne5

    14.Bxe7 Nxf3+

    15.gxf3 Bh3

    16.Kh1 Bxf1

    17.Qxf1 Rfe8

    18.Bxc5 Bxa1

    19.Qxa1 b6

    20.Bd4 f5

    21.Bb2 Qh4

    22.Kg2 Qg5+

    23.Kh1 f4

    24.Qd1 Rf8

    25.Qd4 Kf7

    26.e4 Ke8

    27.c5 bxc5

    28.Qxc5 Qe7

    29.d6 Qe6

    30.Bb5+ Kd8


    Kevin Casey

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    Very enterprising. Once you got the long diagonal battery with Q in front and the central P roller, Black was probably already too far gone. The nominally powerful rooks were just spectators.
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