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    Passing of Jean Paul Guilbaud Member of Bundaberg Chess Club

    I regret to advise of the passing of Jean Paul Guilbaud this week

    Jean Paul was a keen chess player and one of the foundation members of the Club

    An ode is listed hereunder


    Chess is but a game, they say;
    That’s from those who do not know
    The complexity of the game.
    It’s also no shame to say
    That life is also a game we play.

    We learn a lot from chess
    And I must confess
    It often helps me
    When things are in a mess.

    It’s not just the wicked pleasure we get
    When our opponent is under threat.
    Each move is carefully planned
    The board is closely scanned;
    We pray to get it right,
    Then sit tight,
    While the opponent thinks it through
    To avoid the inevitable coup.

    Sometimes we get it wrong
    And sit and watch the game prolong.
    Sometimes, I must confide,
    Luck is on our side.

    With every move we make
    We watch our opponent accept
    There’s no piece he can take,
    Not even a pawn to intercept.
    Another lesson then we have learnt
    To prepare for yet another big event.

    It’s the same when we move
    On life’s own chess board;
    We jump from square to square
    As though there’s no time to spare
    In seeking life’s reward.

    And when your Queen is taken
    And you realise you are not mistaken
    You know that all is not yet lost;
    You’re inspired to survive at any cost;
    Inspiration steps in
    Before you take it on the chin.

    We’d like to think that life
    Like chess, when you are in strife
    Was a game that when at an end
    You could set the pieces up again.

    As the words “Check Mate” you hear
    With the quiet tolling of a bell
    You can only hope without fear
    That you’ve played the game well.

    As friends now gather your life to celebrate
    They know there is no room to negotiate
    No chance to bargain:
    The rules of life do not mislead,
    Not even a draw can you concede.
    The King lies tipped over the board.
    The game cannot begin again.

    RIP my great friend!!! You will be sadly missed by all your chess friends

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    Sorry to see more sad news. I did not know him but may he rest in peace.
    God exists. Short and to the point.

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    John Paul's funeral was held in Bundaberg on Saturday 6 December 2014

    He will be greatly missed by all his friends and his fellow members of the chess club

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