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    Auckland Chess Centre August Weekender 16 - 17 August 2014

    Auckland Chess Centre August Weekender
    When: 16 - 17 August 2014
    Where: Auckland Chess Centre, 17 Cromwell, St, Mount Eden.

    Poison Pawn Grand Prix class 1 event.

    Format: Open tournament is a 6-round Swiss system. NZCF rated
    Time control: Standard time control of all moves in 60 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds per move from move one.

    Entry fee: $45. No entries accepted after 8:30am 16th August.
    16 August: Players' meeting 9am, round1 9:30am, round 2 1pm, round 3 4:30pm.
    17 August: round 4 9:30am, round 5 1pm, round 6 4:30pm.
    Prize giving as soon as possible after completion of the last game.

    Minimum prizefund: 1st $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $100, 4th $75. Plus Grade Prizes to the value of $725.

    Entry form (pdf) and tournament Vega page

    For further information email Mike Steadman

    • Players must keep score throughout the game, even when they have only the 30 seconds left per move;
    • The tournament is open only to NZCF-registered players;
    • unregistered players may register at the tournament ($20).
    • Non-resident foreigners may play without paying the registration fee.
    • A single half-point bye may be taken in rounds 2, 3 or 4 only; you may take a zero-point bye in any round.
    • Only first 50 fully paid entries accepted due to space constraints.
    • No player may claim more than one prize.
    • In the event of a tie, prize money will be shared.
    • Players eligible for open or grade prize would receive the highest monetary value prize.
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    Photo from Gino's game against Caroline Yan. Gino was a Queen and 4 pawns up against a king. Caroline didn't resign so he promoted 4 pawns to Knights to checkmate.

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    Should have sacked my queen then gone for it.

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    26 played at the Auckland Chess Centre August Weekender on on 16-17 August 2014. Photos

    1st Evan Capel 5/6 (4 wins + 2 draws)
    2nd= Alphaeus Ang, Daniel Gong + Gino Thornton (4.5/6)
    4th= Jeremy Browne, Antonio Krstev, + Mike Steadman (4/6)

    Grade prizes
    U2100: 2nd= Simon Lyall, Paul Macdonald + Caroline Yan
    (top U2100 were Alphaeus Ang + Daniel Gong, who already won the 2nd= prize)

    U1500: 1st Aaron Wang; 2nd Sarah Yan + 3rd= David Xu + Jasmine Zhang

    U1100: 1st= Alex Fu + Darrick Pan; 3rd Brijesh Sivabalan

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