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    Hydra Chess Super Computer Destroyed by Amateurs! :)

    The Hydra Chess Super Computer by, Dr. Christian "Chrilly" Donninger, Dr. Ulf Lorenz, GM Christopher Lutz and Muhammad Nasir Ali.
    And later by,Donninger and Lutz and Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi.

    Was Supposed to be the Last word in Chess Computers...But!

    In 2005, there was a “Freestyle” Chess Tournament in which a team could consist of any number of Humans or Computers, in any combination.

    The Team that Defeated Hydra were Steven Cramton and Zackary Stephen and were Amateurs, with chess rankings Between (1400 to 1700).

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    Did this team use computers? If so, which ones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FM_Bill View Post
    Did this team use computers? If so, which ones?
    The article answers this: "They used three computers for the event, an AMD 3200+, a 2.8 MHz and a 1.6 MHz Pentium. The ZackS team used the chess engines Fritz, Shredder, Junior and Chess Tiger – no GMs or IMs were involved."

    Quite aside from this being very old news it's also not news at all. Humans of reasonable strength making selective use of strong computers have always been able to beat a computer, however strong, operating without human intervention. It's also possible that an aggregation of a number of strong engines would defeat an engine that was slightly stronger than any of them.
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