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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Rout View Post
    Ivanchuk recently took the more radical approach of playing draughts, thereby also eliminating middlegame and endgame theory.
    Unfortunately, the opening moves in draughts have to be chosen at random to avoid endless draws. Maybe he should take up Go?

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    The danish Grandmaster Peter Heine Nielsen would LOVE that answer ...

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    I've been spammed three times by email in the last 24 hours and also there's been one spam post here by some US bunch called Cheaology trying to sell some notation system or something. That said, they cloak it in a call for feedback regarding their "New ChessBoard Froumla." They're also selling stuff while calling for donations. As a result of all this, all promotion of this company is permanently banned on this forum.

    I recommend blocking:
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    I received a Cheaology email as well, and it definitely looks dubious. If you hover your mouse over the website link - don't actually click on it, of course! - it's not what it's supposed to be, which is usually not a good sign.

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    Things are unfolding quickly...they are certainly good at marketing -saw their post on the MCC Facebook Page as well...
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