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Thread: RIP Alan Thomas

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    RIP Alan Thomas

    Mark Stokes reports on the sad passing of Alan Thomas:

    Les Lord from Toowoomba texted me on Saturday to inform me that Alan Thomas, also from Toowoomba, sadly passed away recently.

    Les wrote: " I thought U would be interested to know that Alan Thomas has passed away. I received a call yesterday (Friday) from his step-daughter(?) informing me. I don't think too many at the CAQ would know Alan but I wanted to let you know. Alan was a great ambassador for chess for decades and he will be sadly missed up here in Toowoomba. He was a true champion and supporter of chess for as long as I can remember. "

    I remember Alan very well indeed. He was indeed a true gentleman and a first class Director of Play at many chess tournaments I played in in my teenage years.

    I also remember Alan, although not very well. I believe that he was one of Qld's first International Arbiters (in 1980), and also organised an Australian Open in Toowoomba. He was certainly a stalwart of the Toowoomba Chess Club.

    Hopefully other people will be able to add more details.

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    I met Alan a couple of times at Toowoomba tournaments over the years.

    Seemed like a very nice and knowledgeable man.

    RIP Alan.

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    Alan directed the 1978 Aus Junior at Ipswich Boys Grammar School. It was one of my most memorable, Murray Smith won, I won the U/16 and they gave everyone a t-shirt with "Be sure you sight all moves that smite!"

    Alan also directed the 1985-86 Aus Ch in Toowoomba which was a 3 way tie. He visited the last Aus Ch at St George club in Sydney.

    Rest in peace, Alan!
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    Alan was CAQ Secretary in 1972. He was CAQ Tournament Director in 1987, 1988 and 1989. I am sure he held many other posts over the years.

    I remember him attending many CAQ meetings in Brisbane - always a positive contributor.
    He was a hard worker for Qld. chess and was liked by all who worked with him.
    Rest in peace, Alan.

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    Sad news, indeed. Condolences to all his family and friends.
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