There is a new requirement for the FIDE rating of tournaments which has been brought in WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT by FIDE from 4th August 2013.

As of that date:
Quote Originally Posted by FIDE Rating Server
Server does not accept foreigners in reports without FIDE ID.
The FIDE rating server will not accept any rating file containing foreign players who do not have a FIDE Id Number. Such files cannot be submitted and therefore such events will not be rated by FIDE.

This appears to be a preemptive introduction of a requirement from the yet to be approved Regulations on Registration & Licensing of Players.
See here.

Quote Originally Posted by Australian Chess Federation Newsletter, 27 Aug 2013
Important: FIDE ID Number Registration Requirements

FIDE have issued a warning that they will not accept tournaments for FIDE rating where those tournaments contain players who do not have FIDE ID numbers. Although new Australian players can be registered by the ACF national ratings officer, this does not apply to new players from overseas. Therefore, organisers should not immediately accept the entries of overseas players who lack FIDE ID numbers to FIDE rated tournaments; instead, those players should be required to first obtain a FIDE ID from their own national federation.

Tournaments submitted that include foreign players who do not have ID numbers may be rejected. Players without ID numbers should only be submitted as Australian if they are citizens or long-term residents; if a player is registered under the wrong country they may incur transfer costs later. For further information/clarification contact the ACF FIDE Ratings Officer Bill Gletsos.