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    RIP Peter Parr (1946-2013)

    I have just received the sad news that Peter Parr has passed away.

    At this stage I have no further details.

    My condolences to his family and friends.
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    Very sad - he was always friendly towards me.

    Hvil i fred/Rest in peace.

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    Very sad news. Always enjoyed visiting Peter's shop when I was in Sydney and had a good business relationship with him.
    No doubt there are many here who knew Peter much better than I did, I look forward to reading their messages.
    RIP Peter.

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    Vale Peter Parr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gletsos
    I have just received the sad news that Peter Parr has passed away.

    At this stage I have no further details.

    My condolences to his family and friends.
    Wow, very sad to hear.

    Rest in Peace to a guy who really was a lover of chess.

    Anybody know of the cause?
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    OMG shocked.

    RIP Peter.

    Always enjoyed visiting the shop and having a chat.

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    Rest in peace Peter
    meep meep

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    A tragedy. RIP
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    Having really only knowing IA/IO OAM Peter Parr through Chesschat, it is a very sad loss to the chess community and I am sure will be dearly missed. For me, it will be sad not seeing his posts on his views and also not being able to visit his shop again.

    I remember first meeting in person during the Australian Open that was held at North's Club in 2013 at his shop. Such a lovely person he was and with a great knowledge of things to do with chess and other topics.

    May you RIP Peter and my thoughts are with the family at this terrible time.


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    That's sad - RIP Peter, and condolences to his friends and family.

    I can recall buying a heap of books through mail order off Peter during the 1980s/90s - only last night I was playing through a book of combinations and noticed the name Parr on one of the diagrams from a game in a tournament in the 1960s and wondered if it was Peter or a relative.
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    The first book I can remember buying from Peter was A Complete Chess Course by Fred Rheinfeld in about 1980. I knew David Parr and played him in 1974.

    Peter was always very patient about giving advice on what he thought was best for chess in the state and nation. He always encouraged me in every chess endeavour I took on, and did not hold my late entry in competitive chess or low rating against me.

    He was a sticker for keeping everything by the rules and I could not imagine chess standards diminishing whilst he was at the guard.

    He had ideas for purchasing a chess premises but unfortunately came to nought.

    I can honestly say that I discussed controversial issues with him dozens of times and never once did we disagree. He gave me strong support for the SEC as it was a Sydney event.

    And he certainly showed his guts and flair when standing up to Kasparov re Brilliance Prize at Manilla Olympiad 1992.

    Good bye, you were a friend through thick and thin.
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    This is very sad news, and marks the end of an era. When I came to tournament chess in the early 1970s, Peter Parr was already at the heart of the Australian chess scene and to me he was and is synonymous with the game.

    A strong player in his own right, he became far more influential through his editorship and journalism, his tournament directing, his shambolic but iconic business 'Chess Discount Sales', his many years of chess administration, and his captaincy of Australian Olympiad teams.

    Peter's warehouse style chess shop in Sydney's Surrey Hills was a home away from home for an assortment of local players, and Peter was fond of telling stories of the various celebrities who had dropped by over the years. It was a delightful Aladdin's cave of treasures for the enthusiast willing to dig. At one stage Richard Farleigh offered to buy him out, but they were unable to find mutually suitable terms.

    As an Olympiad captain Peter was first rate. He had a dry sense of humour and was pretty much unflappable. He was philosophical about defeats and had a pretty realistic outlook. He was very competent, too, with an excellent grasp of the rules and procedures.

    As a person I always found him affable and easy to talk to, but most of all very interesting. He was one of those guys who knows a lot about what is going on and enjoyed gossiping about all the comings and goings in the chess world, especially politics.

    Peter was generally a very forthright person, politically active, and rubbed some people up the wrong way because of that, but overall was greatly loved and respected as almost a father figure in his adopted chess scene. He emigrated from England as a fairly young man, but his brother David, who was even higher rated, stayed behind.

    Some of my fondest memories of Peter involve him dealing with various crises, often at Doeberl Cups when he was arbiter, such as the time when Lloyd Fell's satchel was hurled out of the playing hall because another player who was suffering a psychotic episode thought it contained a bomb. Peter would always have a mischievious little smile playing around his lips, and a twinkle in his eyes, that served to defuse many such 'bombs' over the years.

    There will be many people distressed by Peter's passing, as he was a confidant to many and gave a lot of people a leg up when they were doing it a bit tough. It's probably that father-figure persona that I associate most closely with Peter. He was a colourful and unique character and will be greatly missed.

    Guy West.

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    This is very sad news indeed. It is some time since I saw Peter, partly because my visits to Sydney in recent years have been too short. I first met Peter in the 1970s and worked with him on many Doeberl Cups in that time where he was not only Arbiter but also general organiser and book shop proprietor. We had an excellent relationship which continued for many more years as I visited his shop in Sydney when I visited the city at Christmas time. I was looking forward to meeting him again some time when I had more time in Sydney but sadly that can no longer happen.

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    Sad to hear that Peter Parr has passed away. This news came as a shock to me. I was puzzled when I read Monday’s SMH and couldn’t find Peter’s weekly chess column – now I understand.

    Overall Peter has made a huge contribution to Australian Chess over many years (although I can understand why some in the Australian Chess community have had “issues” with him).

    I had a bit to do with Peter over the years. I remember him arbitering weekend tournaments I played in during the early 1990s (he always did a good job). I purchased books and chess equipment for myself from his shop (Chess Discount Sales) over the years. Back in the days when I was running the Canterbury chess club (2001-2006), I organised the purchasing of a lot of much needed new chess equipment for the club from his shop.

    While Peter’s shop was rather chaotic and disorganised, it contained just about any chess book/item one could want – a real “Aladdin’s Cave” of chess! Whenever I was in the area near Peter’s shop I would usually visit his shop and browse though some of the many chess books (and chat with Peter).

    Peter was always friendly and helpful towards me. When visiting his shop, he often gave me lengthy opinions/advice about Australian Chess (particularly about the NSWCA).

    Rest in peace, Peter.
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    Very sad to hear this news. Peter was an institution in the Sydney chess scene for as long as I can remember, and every Sydney junior of my era (and most subsequent ones, for that matter) would have visited his shop many times. And we shouldn't forget his journalistic efforts as well, including the old Chess In Australia magazine which he edited for so long.


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