Hello everyone, welcome to the Chesskit.com forum!

Now, many of you have come over from another forum, so you're well acquainted with forum etiquette. To those from elsewhere you may or may not be experienced, but we're all chess players, and everyone knows we're the most considerate, intelligent bunch of people in the world! Of course, some need a refresher so here we go:

Spam is intolerable. So far we have an excellent record for post quality, and many new members have commented on this. Please refrain from posting comments of no value. Personal opinion is valued, of course, but only to the point where it is of interest to other users.

Users span all age ranges. This should be self evident, but not everyone here is desensitized against expletive language, and so it has become policy for us to edit posts which contain excessively strong wording. If you feel that a particular word is necessary blank it out with symbols, we'll know what you mean.

This forum is a stand-alone entity. We are not directly affiliated with any other board, and so it is unsafe to assume that you are well known upon joining. Please introduce yourself anew when you register, so that our offshore members don't feel isolated. As a suggestion, take this opportunity to create for yourself a new identity.

We like questions! Ask them. They stimulate discussion and get answers. If you are embarrassed by a question, just remember that everyone had to ask the same thing at some time, and nobody will think any less of you for it. Related to this...

We are a friendly community. That said, we do not approve of abusive, insulting or belittling posts. If you feel a question is too simple for your time, read the paragraph above this one. Anyone posting offensive messages will have the offending posts removed, with repeat offenders dealt with more severely.

We're all about chess. If there's anything, that you want to ask/comment on about chess, do so! We are all the time waiting for new ideas to build on, and welcome feedback for new boards, new features et cetera. If a question has not been addressed by another thread (use the search facility to check this) feel free to post a new one! If you feel a feature is missing that we could really use, post a message in the suggestions forum or PM an Administrator.

Well, that's all for now. It's common sense really, but best to get this in writing so there's no confusion. Enjoy your time at Chess Kit, and I hope we help your game. Good luck and happy posting!