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    Training Games During April

    During the month of April, I will be preparing for the zonal, taking place in Fiji.

    There aren't really any tournaments I can enter to get some real long play experience before then. As such, I'm looking for people to play training games against that are rated 1500+. I'm hoping to get an even spread of lower rated, "expert" players, and hopefully even a master or two. Please get in contact me either via PM or by email at

    Games will take place at MCC some time during the week. This is a good opportunity to be able to learn from eachother both ingame and in analysis, get some real game experience (including preperation, I have a few games in some Australian databases) before upcoming tournaments, and simply put, have some fun doing what we love

    P.S. I'm currently Fide Rated 2045
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    Bump. Bit out of practise, and getting ready to start playing long play events again. Last time I posted this, I had a lot of great responses from various players and I'm hoping for a similar reaction this time. Please get in contact me at to organise a game. Ideally I'd like to have them all played before the 9th of February.
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    the zonal is in fiji?

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    Quote Originally Posted by junior View Post
    the zonal is in fiji?
    It was in 2013.
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